My 1st level-up moment


I took up chess a few days ago after agadmator's chess channel popped up in my Youtube recommended and I became interested.

I've sacrificed tons of pieces on the altar of my own stupidity so far, but the bishop sacrifice towards the end was the first time I did it intentionally to the intended effect and so I wanted to commemorate it.

Hope you enjoy!

You played this beauty after a few days of playing chess?!

That's insane!

You should be proud of yourself.

Wow, that is impressive that must have felt great. Very well played and that after such a short period of playing chess you must have a great eye for tactics. have fun playing Chess.

Nice game well played. I like the bold idea of 12 h4, leaving the king in the center.

Thank you all for those kind and encouraging words!

I didn't mean to overstate how much of a beginner I am. Castling and en-passant captures aside I knew the rules before and have played a few games.

@Anon5005 Yeah, I was swimming in endorphines. :-)

@tpr Thanks! I thought the queen+bishop lineup looked too strong to allow it to be blanked by a measly pawn.

Great job man! I also picked up chess after watching a random Agadmator video and it's been a fun ride for now. :)

Keep it going!

Always makes you feel like a genius doesn't it :P

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