Minecraft humiliating a similar level opponent

Nice game!

Someone who doesn't resign deserves to get mated like that.

To be honest, both players humiliated themselves in this one.

Black should have resigned much earlier, White should not have dicked around like that.

I certainly agree with the last comment assuming there is such thing as humiliation in a game.
Chess is a game , there is no humiliation in losing or doing mistakes. The real humiliation is when you use a game to elevate your ego. It means you don't have any in your real life and you are just a pathetic miserable person who seeks recognition in on line chess.
My answer to this post attempted to make people realise that when one thinks that a game can humiliate his opponent , he is the one who actually humiliates himself. I never felt I humiliated my opponent either in chess ,monopoly, backgammon or Risk. Either I win or lose I enjoy the competition and when possible I try to learn from my mistakes.

Excellent riposte from @Roper300

This dude is just a troll.That game was a set-up.

@Roper300 although you are correct, I would like to think that being nicer than we have to be leads to a more pleasant atmosphere

How can you be nice to a guy that it isn't nice to others? These guys can't understand nice. You just have to pay them with the same "coin".If you are nice you just encourage him.

I will wager all my fortune right now that @Minecraftado is a sandbagger trying to suck honest ppl into challenging him to play.