Minecraft humiliating a similar level opponent

I don't understand, but I'm still a beginner. I'm sorry if I couldn't bid very accurately.

@Minecraftado it's not nice to humiliate someone the way you did.
So,, it isn't bad to humiliate another player, by absolutely destroying them in a game, but bad to "humiliate" them by gaining more material.

You won an ignorant who played suicidal chess and you are proud about it! The really humiliating is that you don't seem to understand more chess than your opponent and the even more humiliating that you don't even have the necessary low intelligence to realise it.
Very humiliating indeed!

@roper300 hey no need to begin harassing the guy, He may not be the best player there is, but thats not a reason to harass him for it.

He was the one talking about humiliation! It's not my fault if he didn't realise that the humiliation was all his!

@Roper300 I would rather play dangerous chess and beat superior opponents than close the whole game like you do. stay with your mediocrity and don't comment on my post that there is no place for you here.

@Roper300 And the detail is because you are offending my opponent calling him ignorant suicidal! I just put flashy headlines to be funny, but you offended him with meanness. Reported