Mate in 13, and still 1 mistake 1 inaccuracy

In this bullet game I mated in 13 moves but still managed to make a mistake, as well as an inaccuracy. (I'm not entirely sure why the mistake was a mistake.)

I always try to punish any attempt of black to develop the light bishop early in queen's gambit. When hyper early (as here) I reply to 3....Bg4 with 4 Ne5, which may not be sound. It does commit the no-no of moving a piece twice, but since it forces him to move his Bishop twice, and usually to a spot where it can no longer defend against diagonal checks, I indulge. Here the bishop's moves turn out to be fatal as strangely no pieces are left to block the check. It wouldn't happen in a real game, but this is a little reminder why not to blunder that bishop out of position.

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