Masterpiece (1900 and less newbs don’t even look)

wth i am way less than 1900 and this game is full of blunders.. not talking about the rook and the bishop blunder but 14.Qxg3? how is this a masterpeice

I have to ask, Mr. Timegod, why did you deliver mate, when you had ...f5! available, gaining control of the vital e4 square?
(PS, ignore my lowly sub-1900 lichess rating. I am really Alexander Alekhine in disguise, and I have to keep my rating low, or else people will start to suspect the truth)

@jux303 you do not understand the deeper meanings junior
@clousems congratulations you have reached an enlightenment with that comment. Obviously I overlooked that improvement!
@Chuck_Fess welcome to the internet. You and Poe must both be new here

1.e4 c5 2.Bc4

Okay, patzer opening right there, no need to look further

I wish that one day I can be as good as you