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  3. Magnus Carlsen playing 1.f4

... and getting away with it against Adams, in the London tourney. Perfect endgame play by MC, and interesting to see the material pieces imbalance :

It seems the great run by Mikey Adams of being a world elite player is fading. He was much better through 20+ moves, but like yesterday, the endgame grind takes it toll.
Mickey has always been 1st class, a true sportsman in all facets of the game.
In the post game interviews, he was top hat, not many will ever be as gracious.

Re. move 27: Place all pieces on the back rank.
I am happy to say I have been applying this technique for some time!

OT, I still wish the commentators would rely less on engines when evaluating the position; having Yasser be cut off with an "obvious" engine suggestion & evaluation remove much of the excitement. That said, I think the commentary has improved from the first rounds.

Ashley has been delegated primarily to interviews.
"Today will be crucial!"
Chirila does a much better job of it with SF analysis, often interjecting his chess insights. I think we'd all rather see human analysis discussed. Besides SF often does not understand strategic positions, gives one side as winning. The audience goes wild.... so and so missed the win (!) when the bar goes from +1.5. then drops to zero.

@mdinnerspace I am struggling a bit not to get this impression:
SLCC: What do you think about our commentary?
Chess community: We don't like the guy reading engine lines
SLCC: What would you like us to change?
Get rid of the guy reading engine lines
SLCC: We now have two guys reading engine lines! And five callers suggesting draws should be settled by a duel! And we no longer broadcast all the moves!

(Otherwise I like both Ashley and Chirila as commentators; great games today)

I'm on the edge of my seat after callers ask "I'm 1600 and want to be a master. What book do you recommend?"
I've ordered every book suggested and can't figure out why I panic in time trouble. Think I'll call in tomorrow and ask why!

Carlsen has played 1...f5 with black, so why should he shy away from 1 f4 with white? In the 2017 TCEC superfinal Houdini even won with black against Kodomo playing 1...f5. Dutch and reverse Dutch are just sound.

Engine games prove nothing except the restricted chess knowledge of the dude using them as proof.

maybe one day they will (-> Alpha Zero), but not today.

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