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At the 25th move I made a blunder in a very good position: the other one I made later was due to time, and a white blunder in the end saved the situation.
But I was already in troubles in the opening, I think.
If you have any suggestions or comments il would be cool.
Thank you

7 a4 by white is unusual. You should have countered 7...a5. That way you get square b4 for a knight after ...Nc6 or ...Na6.
I do not like 9...b6. How is he going to defend his pawn a5 after ...Nc6 now or after ...o-o? If he sacrifices it with a6 you get a similar position, but with one more pawn.
11...Bb7 seems uninspired: after 12 d5 the Bishop stares at the pawn.
13...Qc7 is also a blow in the water as the Queen must retreat.
13...Na6 intending 14...Rc8 seems more appropriate.

Perpetual check! Well done BeforeThe Funk!

@Professor74 Thank's!