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Combined ACL. I guess I will be the benchmark to try to beat. I know for sure there is lower. But this will be a benchmark to start us off.
Combined ACL = 11

Creating a game we could get a combined ACPL of 0 by just playing the computer moves every move...

I actually played a really interesting tournament game at the 2016 World Open. 3 ACPL for each side, so a sum of 6 ACPL:

Even if you spacebar it still will not come out to 0cpl

What does ACL mean?


@nullbyte What does ACL mean? ACL/ACPL = Average centipawn loss.

I played a game with 2 cpl, but my opponent had 49. It is possible to get to 0 though, since moves count as 0 when you're extremely ahead or behind (if the move doesn't change that). Also, the engine analysis takes only a short time and sometimes does not find the best move and/or misjudges the move actually made.
So it doesn't make much sense to compare cpls, they're merely to give a rough idea of move quality and to highlight misplays

Not the all-time lowest ACPL (6+6), but we both had together 0 errors (both 0/0/0). A league game, classical time control: