Lost on time?

I was playing the computer and the material I won was the q, Kt & a pawn. How was it that I lost on time when I moved
within 30 seconds of my turns? How does the timing work? And how do I enter unlimited time on moves?

Well in regards to that specific computer game, a pic would help, but most likely you were playing a fast paced game like blitz or bullet. In games material does not matter when you lose on time, except when your opponent does not have enough material to checkmate you( if you capture every single one of the opponents pieces except the king, its a draw rather than a loss if you time out)

You mentioned that you moved within 30 seconds every move, but timers in chess doesn't work that way.
In general, you have a set time for all your moves combined (for example 1 minute in bullet or 10 mins in rapid) and the timer ticks whenever it is your turn, until you play a move.
Apart from this, there may be an increment, meaning after every move you make, you gain some amount of time.(2+1 bullet and 5+3 blitz on the main screen for example)
As to how you know what the timing in a game is, its represented by a _+_ format. The first number indicates the starting time(usually in minutes but maybe refer to hours in long matches), while the second indicates the increment(usually in seconds).

For example a 2+1 game would mean each players have 2 minutes to start with and gain 1 second after every move they make, while a 5+0 game would mean a starting time of 5 minutes and no increment after a move.

As for unlimited time in games against the computer, there should be an option when you create the game.
Go to the main lichess screen, then follow the steps below:
Click on play with the computer(on the right side), then click unlimited under time control, do not click real time.
You can set the difficulty of the computer after that if you wish.

I hope this helps :D

You played a 5+8 game. That means starting with 5 minutes and gaining 8 seconds per move.

So if you indeed take 30 seconds per move you will run out of time.

If you want to play with exactly 30 seconds per move, you could in theory use 0+30 but a more natural pace would be 10+30.

The popular speeds on this site that I would recommend you to try are:
15+10 and 30+20 you may also try 30+0, especially if you are ok to move faster if needed.

And as mentioned, against computers you can just set it to unlimited.

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