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With logic explained please. Often with computer analysis I just don't understand why it suggests a particular move. Ignore blunder at the end

5. c3? This is an inaccuracy is marked by the engine. So it's not a big error, but it still hurts you. In this case, you're allowing e5, which puts you on the defensive. The recommended move is Nc6 which provides support on e5 and prevents this play.

7. Bd3. This move loses a tempo. You are inviting your opponent to play e5 (which is bad for you anyway), and then you're forced to move the bishop again. Better just to move the bishop to a square where it won't be dislodged right now. If you'd played Be2 to begin with, your opponent could still play e5, but then you'd have an extra move compared to where you ended up.

9. f4. Computer marks this as a mistake. This looks pretty dubious. You're harming your kingside structure without really doing anything productive. It will also now be very difficult to dislodge that pawn on e5. The preferred move of c4 attacks the defender of the e4 pawn that is quite dangerous to you.

11. Qb5. This move doesn't really seem to do anything. There is no way for you to capture the opponent's knight here. You also make it harder for your queen to escape if threatened since the light-square diagonal is blocked.

13. a3. This doesn't really seem to do anything. Exchanging queens isn't bad for you here. Qxb6, axb6, b4, Nc4, Nxc4, dxc4, Bxc4 wins a pawn and weakens the e4 pawn (not sure if it's better to trade with the bishop or knight here but either works for you).

14. Nb3. You hang a piece for no reason.

4 Nd2 is passive. Normally you prepare c4 and Nc3. More active 4 Nf3
5 c3 is passive. Better develop a piece: 5 Ngf3
7 Bd3 the bishop does nothing useful there. It will be chased. Better 7 Bb5 fighting for central square e5.
9 f4 makes your own Bg3 passive. You should play 9 c4 admitting 5 c3 was wrong.
11 Qb5 just gives him useful move 11...c6 for free with time hain attacking your queen. Better 11 Qd1 admitting the queen sortie was premature.
13 a3 puts your queen in danger if he retreats his queen 13...Qc7

Your main mistake was playing too fast. At the end of this 10+0 time control you have 4 useless minutes left on your clock. So you played as if it were 6+0.

You say to ignore the blunder. Now the first step in getting better is to weed blunders out of your game. I recommend switching on move confirmation in your profile. You think about your move, you play it, you check it is no blunder, then you confirm.