Looking for someone who has time to stick around and analyse games.

G'day guys,

I'm pretty new here and only just returning to chess in my middle years. I've been enjoying playing here and on but I'm struggling to find players who will stick around for 5-10 minutes after the game to discuss it and point out where I might have done better. I know there's the post game analysis function and I use it always but it'd be nice to get a more human input into what the other side was thinking etc.
I'm hoping someone(s) maybe even someones(s) a fair bit stronger than me, will volunteer to play a game occasionally and spend a few minutes afterwards helping me analyse my defeat :)
I've posted (I hope this works) a recent game. I thought I was doing ok until I just couldn't figure a way forward and blundered away the game.

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Quick thoughts on your game:

I think you played quite well. Your opening play was pretty solid and you made good moves at the right times. By move 16 you're quite strong and then you hit a nice tactic to go up a knight.

The main thing in this game is that on Move 28 and 29 you missed Bc4, which was completely winning. Move 28 you played in 4 seconds. Move 29 you played in 30 seconds. 28 you definitely played too fast; you had lots of time. 29 I guess you had tunnel vision and didn't really look at alternatives to the immediate situation on the board.

I see what you're trying to do on Move 28 with Rf6. The problem with this move (aside from the fact there was a much better move on the board) is that you don't actually create a threat with your rook. If your opponent is careless or playing fast, they may miss what you're trying to do, but a good opponent will just ignore your rook since it isn't doing anything there. If you're going to play a move like this, you want to play it in such a way that your opponent not taking your rook also has some consequence... maybe you're attacking a piece or your can barge into their position with a deadly attack. You don't need to be tricky anyway in this position. You're already winning. Your aim should be to trade down as much as possible.

Unfortunately, your move 29 (Ng5) is probably one of the worst replies to your opponent's threat. You can see the evaluation swing from +19 to -5 since now have moved your knight and your rook is just hanging. You could have still won with Bc4 though. After this, there was one tricky move (30 Rd6) you could have done to keep the game basically even, but there wasn't much you could do to save the game beyond this point.

I am not strong but also interested in such category of players, in correspondance though. or amicable faster cadences, where i might be the one needing advice. This might annoy the coaches out there though....pure speculation.

my rating in correspondance has been fluctuating (but let's say more than 1600, less than 1800). i enjoy chess. can do fast ones, if promise of human commentary whatever level, afterward (using study might be better than chat). otherwise i don't enjoy being time constrained.

PS``: Also, while here: is your move list preference to have icons instead of letter coding for the pieces? Because, in the forum, every pasted game i have seen, has the icons, despite my preferences otherwise for my own games.

If not your preference (i,.e. your use letter code) then i would make a post somewhere about scope of move list preferences in profile.

if it is your preference, then if your are willing to experiment in forum or individual messages (might behave similar) with letter coding, to see if forum or message overrides, i would appreciate, no pressure though. just if you are curious about this yourself.

sorry for highjack, if you see it that way.

You were completely winning from move 9: a full pawn up no compensation.
29 Ng5 is a horrible blunder. He can just take your rook, but he does not.
How did you get to play 29 Ng5?
What reasoning?
You spent enough time on it.

@tpr you're absolutely right. A horrible blunder. I got complete tunnel vision with the idea of getting the Rook into f7 or trying to work the Knight in to e7.
As a beginner, I often get caught up in seeing the peices as they might be (my poor calculation and visualisation skills) rather than seeing the obvious right in front of me.

@ChessMathNerd whichever is fine by me. You’re rated much higher, so I won’t lose too many points when you beat me.
Besides, I might be wrong in my beginners thinking here but I’m not really worried about my rating for the first few hundred games as I’m considering those games as simply learning opportunities

@AndrewCampbell67 Ok. Feel free to challenge me whenever I am on, If I am not playing. Be aware however, that sometimes the tab is open, but I am not on the computer. In this case, I will not respond.