Know your endings and tactics or feel the pain

I think you played an impressive game (let's forget about that forked rooks XD) and managed to do the hardest part (reaching a winning position in moves 45-50) until that final mistake, totally understandable, I think endgames are almost impossible to get right if you don't know the key ideas beforehand...
i dont see how white is exactly "lost" yet. white has bishops , blacks knight is nothing i would brag about right now. but the e file might loom heavy if forgotten by one of the two? maybe its a soviet draw. at best black has to prove something? and is the game really an ending yet? granted it seems black has easyer options . if white survives the black initiative wich black does possess. one can be ahead in time but not have the initiative.white must prove his bishops are better then a little pawn while black seems to have more options to boot. Germany Russia 1941 -45 (a study of the intitiative)because of the extra pawn one of the bishops can save the game? just a lazy analyses i offer this morning friends.

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