Kings Pawn Game: Wayward Queen Attack

I played a classical game with with the black pieces, and my opponent was feeling very aggressive for some reason and played Qh5 on move two. I personally feel as though I did pretty well on this game, and Stockfish analyzed it and I didn't do too bad. I just wanna see what kind of feed back you guys can give as it relates to how I managed to play this game. My mistakes, my weaknesses, my strong suits and things I need to work on, look out for in future games. Thanks

A lot of mistakes form both sides.
At the end of this 15+15 time control game you have 13 useless minutes left onyour clock, i.e. you played as if it were 2+15 time control. Take time to think.

@diallobanks #1
You handled the opening pretty well. At your level it is important to learn to not blunder material. It is a good idea to always watch hanging pieces, your own and your opponent's hanging pieces. Did you check the Lichess video section ?

Good luck & have fun !

4...Nd5! and you have a good position.
8...Nxh7 nets a pawn.
Good game anyway. Your opponent gave you the game on a silver platter.

Just because it's not listed yet, 7...Bg4, develops a piece with a tempo.
I despise the time management comments like in #2. If you had lost on time, would the comment be that you spent too much time? Play at a comfortable speed for you and save time for any complicated positions that may arise.

Bad example:
Look here, the critic had over half his time left after 40 moves. I'll admit that he was playing way below his rating and didn't need to use that much time, but he should follow his own advice.

#5 @jonesmh
You are free to disagree with my opinion, but your example does not disprove what I said. In this game I was completely winning so I somewhat dropped my guard, but still won.
The original post is a game with many errors from both sides.
Now where do these errors come from?
I bet it is not a lack of understanding, but rather a lack of thought, i.e. time spent.
"If you had lost on time, would the comment be that you spent too much time?"
If you lose on time in a lost position, then that is fine, at least you gave it your best try.
If you lose on time in a won position, then indeed you should look on what moves you spent too much time.
Anyway in a 15+15 time control you cannot really lose on time.
I recommend to spend all time in a 15+15 time control before move 30 and then finish the game on increment.
That is also how Grishuk, Caruana, Carlsen... play increment games.

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