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  3. King walk game

Not flawless, but keep walking (3-4-0,39 acpl)

Out for a little walk today.

Very Nice!

Can't find the right plan, and are you bothered by some noise from neighbors ? Go for a long king walk to gain time and relax, and then find a good plan !

Maybe it is nice and informative to include this amazing Petrosian game, where he castles short, and then later walks with the king to the queenside, in order to safely push the kingside pawns forward.
Another Petrosian king walk game :
And another truly amazing game where Petrosian makes the king the hero,
Kasparov-Petrosian, Tilburg 1981

Nice game, psychological warfare - I like it!

A fresh GM king walk game. a famous one

Too good to be true. A crazy king walk. Only in blitz.
(3 0 game, 4-2-3, 60 acpl)

Im good

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