KID Saemisch: best idea/move?

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...Kh7 looks obvious.

Another idea could be ...Ne5 and if Bxh6 then the h file opens and maybe a Knight sac on g4 is possible. For instance ...Ne5 Bxh6 Neg4 Bxg7 Kxg7 fxg4 Bxg4 and the white King looks a bit exposed. But I don't know if thats enough compensation for Black.

Does White have castling rights? ...Ne5 seems best. Bxh6 wouldn't be a great idea for white in view of ...Nxe4 allowing the fork with ...Qh4+.

Is there supposed to be some genius idea here or are you just testing us?

Agree with Kh7 and Ne5 as the obviously good ideas here. Need to get pieces active. Definitely stop the threat on h6 somehow. Definitely don't sac, can't get an attack going properly since the pieces are so badly stuck and white has basically unlimited responses. Those sacs in sämisch tend to end pretty badly in my experience barring exceptional circumstances and g4 is far from a good sac as far as they go. Simply pushing on the queenside with a well prepared b5 might work out (at least it opens up the game nicely) but I'm pretty sure you need Ne5 for that plan as well so that Bd7 can be played.

I am testing whether you are fit for the KID resp. if your synapses work the KiD way^^

PS: Ne5 seems ok. What about ... ?

Important: opening position, White has got castling rights! Please note!

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