KID game otb today

Huh, I didn't know Black had so many resources in this opening.

  I’ve played the KID against myself OTB (on a turntable on my coffee table) a few dozen times in the past year. I usually win as Black. I don’t think this refutes it; on the contrary! After all, it’s Black who picks the KID; White has pretty much no say in the matter, after playing 1. d4. The only question for White is which variation to go into. :P
  FYI, I have found that symmetrical variations give the best chance, since White’s strategy is then the same as Black’s — and attacking from the flanks > grabbing a big center (so it seems, in my humble experience). I’ve had much less success with every other variation I’ve tried. I started out with the Sämisch and opposite-side castling, just ’cause I thought it was efficient for learning purposes to play two different strategies each game, instead of duplicating the same one. But I’m now convinced Black’s strategy is better. . . .
  Bear in mind I say this as someone who has only been playing chess for about a year. As a much more experienced player, YMMV. But then again, how many times have you KID’d yourself OTB in the last year, doing the best you could as each side, and taking anywhere from 2 hours to a whole week to complete the game? I think it’s an incredibly valuable exercise. I have learned more from playing myself than from playing other people, watching videos or reading books. I think it’s because this is the only way to really get inside the strategy for _both_ sides in the same game. Especially since, if you play other people, they will almost always choose some other opening, so you’ll rarely get to experience the KID from White’s perspective. (Against other people so far, I’ve only had the opportunity to play the KID as Black. No one ever gives me that chance as White, it seems. I got so tired of QPGs, I recently quit playing 1. d4, and now play 1. Nf3. This way I can try for a KIA. As Black, I was playing Alekhine’s just so e4 didn’t matter, but then I discovered 1. … d6, which is all purpose, and transposes nicely.) But also, I think relying on others’ mistakes to gain an advantage isn’t really improving your own strategy. To do that, you need to put yourself in their shoes. And that means playing those openings from both sides. And naturally, the most efficient way to do this is to play yourself.
  *shrug* Just my 2¢. By all means, take it with a coarse grain of smoked sea salt, some fava beans and a nice chianti. . . .

  I should add that, if anything is refuted here, it’s the engine’s evaluation of White in this opening. Engines prefer White just because of his extra space in the center, but some GMs swear Black is actually stronger out of the opening. And based on my experience so far, I have to side with the latter. My tentative conclusion is that engines don’t yet properly understand the Indian Game.

I would never go for such lines as White. I tried it a couple of times - you simply cannot tame it.

I myself play something like 1.Nf3 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.b4! and collect lots of points being the KID party-pooper as White.

As Fischer observed after 12...g5: "Black's K-side attack has practically been worked out to a forced mate!"

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