Just one blunder on Move 2

He played his blunder in 2.9 seconds in this 15+15 time control. That is 10 times too fast.

Yes but the analysis showed after the blunder 0 mistakes or blunders from either of us,

After such a lopsided position, it's difficult to score a blunder.

Spending 2.9 seconds on a move is x times too slow. Hope he gets faster mice to play with.

I agree with @jonesmh.
After a tremendous blunder, generally, the engine doesn't count mini inaccuracies, for example, if you are 2 queens up in the endgame it doesn't matter if you mate in 10 or 11 or if you give up one of the queens, the engine doesn't count them as mistakes because you're so up in material you're still gonna win.

It generally happens that when I analyze my games where I get up in material too soon, that when I analyze it the cp loss is too low, but it is because generally, the moves after the blunder are too easy and there are a lot of them, so the cp loss goes way down, but if you look at the game before the blunder it has a normal cp loss, it's just that the easy game after the blunder, dilutes your real cp loss, so it looks like you played very well, when in reality it's that the game simply ended really early, but the opponent simply decided to not resign.

An example from one of my games

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