I've been anticipating redeeming this service for some time. how much time? 20million!!! wow!!!

So what the 'cluck' is going on in this 'game' you big fat 'hen'. ha ha ha ha ha lol or are you too chicken to be checkin' seein' you don't reckon you's reekin' if you don't do ya...if you do don't ya?(?) Copy THAT, roger? ha ha ha ha ha but please do analyze this game for us, our mutual benefit, as we take over the world and dominate all men to submission to sanctioned equality and please & thank you...

Black was not aware of the plans and gave in to the pressure. Proof is that they prefer to move the Queen(to lose it) than guard their King.

yes. I see the truth of it. Thank you so much. I'm apologize for calling you a big fat hen

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