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I played this game (see link below) with the black pieces today where, in the opening, I just left my bishop hanging.
When we arrived in the end-game, I considered myself lucky to having obtained a draw.

According to the engine the white as quite a big advantage, however if you follow engine moves nothing really happens and white makes no sensible progress.

So the question is: starting from move, for instance, 50 how do you win this end-game as white? Or is this really a draw?

Thanks for answering!

I think white is winning after a bit of manouvering and a pawn sacrifice. White should bring the king back in order to activate the rook along the h-file after playing h5. I don´t wont to type in all the variations but if you are quick in answering we could play the game from move 50 in an unrated game with takebacks.

That's right you have pressure on the h-file and on the a5-pawn. You should be able to break the defenses of black.

Definitely not a draw...
With some prep i'll start considering something like traveling white king to h5...
Something like - Kg6, Rf5, Kh5, Rf8-g8, then in some moment i'll play Rg4! winning a pawn on h4.. or if you take I'll get 2 connected passers on 6th rank...

sorry)) it's Kb6 etc....

and Ka4 of course)) Kb3 - Rc4 - Ka4 -Rc1-g1 and then Rb5

Thank you all for your answers!

Ka4 like proposed from bvb09 is good, and i think there is another (slower, positional) way to win, since black has no useful moves: Kb3, Bc4-d3, Rc4, Ka4, Rc1-h1 and h4 finally breaking through.

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