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  3. Interesting Tactical Game/Scandinavian into Caro-Kann-ish

Recently I played a game which I'm kinda proud of, because of my lack of experience with the time control, opening and tactics and positioning involved:

Please enjoy the game! That being said, I'd love some feedback, especially about how I handled the opening theory and the endgame positioning fest.

Good game man!

Why 7 Bb5+? You force him to play the good move 7...c6. Retreating 8 Ba4? is not good: what is the bishop doing on a4? You could better retreat to c4, d3 or e2, but this means you could have better played one of these moves right away on move 7.

24 Qe2? is bad: you invite his strong move 24...Nf4. You lose pawn g2 by force and that also makes your king unsafe. He could just take 25...Bxg2 and you are in deep trouble.

There are some more mistakes from both sides and at the end you win. You still had 5 useless minutes left on your clock, so you played this 25+0 time control as if it were 20+0. You would better have used these 5 minutes to play the first 24 moves slower and more thoughtfully.

@PolMorphy Thanks :)

@tpr Thanks for the analysis! So for 7. Bb5+ I was actually looking for the Caro-Kann structure with pawns on c6 and e6 because his light-square bishop was not yet developed and would be ineffective for a while. Looking back however that was probably bad as you are saying because I was playing into an opening of which I had little knowledge of as well as your points after.

24. Qe2 was definitely a mistake - I was looking at the position only from my point of view and completely missed Nf4.

Indeed that's good advice. I'm still working on getting used to longer time controls - any tips?

"I'm still working on getting used to longer time controls - any tips"

Play the same time control: it is difficult to adapt to other time controls each time. After playing the same time control over and again, you get a feel for the right pace: you do not need to look at the clock and you win or lose games with only seconds left on your clock.

Play the start of the game slower. You can speed up towards the end of the game if needed.

Thanks! I'll work on it.

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