Interesting end game. Is it possible to win?

I was in an interesting end game last night.

I had a bishop and a rook, but only two pawns. The opponent has 6 pawns and a rook.

If two GMs are playing, or if i played this correctly am I (Black) winning or losing? The system says white is slightly winning

Quite interesting, I dont know if white delibratley sacked his bishop on move 20 for three of my pawns or if he blundered... Gets me thinking.

It felt like I couldn't win this end game.... I might have just blundered a move without realizing...

I think my downfall was exchanging a rook on move 25? Maybe should've kept a hold of it abit longer?

Thanks all

White should win this. 4 pawns > 1 bishop

White will win as he is a pawn up and one pawn is near promote. Maybe he sacrifised his bishop deliberately.

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