Insane checkmate in the Caro-kann + Positional piece sacrifice ?

Hey ! It's been weeks since i have a funny checkmate in mind, and it finally worked !
So the knight obviously can't be taken, black plays Qb6 and now Nf3!
(see the 1st chapter on this study )
I was wondering if anyone here really analyzed/played this position because i find it very interesting. Thanks!

I have looked at this position before and white has a clear advantage after Nf3 fxg6 and then Bg6+ , it is nearly impossible to avoid the Nf3-e5-c7 . White has a clear advantage.

6...h6 is weak as it usually is and 7...fxe6 is just a blunder.

It's some sort of theory. Normally White starts with 5. ... Ng5, Black has to delay ...h6 for a while.

Even Kasparov didn't survive a premature ...h6 against Deep Blue, 20 years ago. Remember?

@tpr I've just realised how funny that is.... "human accuses engine of cheating by using human assistance". That's hilarious. I knew about the accusations but seeing it on a chess forum where it's normally the other way around..... I laughed.

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