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Yesterday, I played a blitz game as white, playing the King's Gambit (which turned into the C37 King's Knight Gambit variation). And after just move 5 I seemed to be absolutely lost.

I have just recently started playing the King's Gambit and was completely taken by surprise by black in this game. I must have gotten something wrong, but I'm not sure where.

How would you have played this? :-)

The engine doesn't like it, just by virtue of it being the King's gambit. Instead this gambit is played for fun, because you want to checkmate your opponent with rapid development and control of the center. Specially in blitz, someone who doesn't know how to play it will succumb in an spectacular way.

So instead of retreating with 5. Ng1, play 5. 0-0 !

The idea is to let the f - file open and then you will bring your pieces into the game and checkmate your opponent on f7.

Here's a game by Shirov, it's fun

Hope Chess

@daniel921126 What a game! I might try the knight sacrifice next time. Looks interestering, although that's a pretty crazy opening...

@BlackSalt Maybe a bit too hopeful ;-)

Yes 5 O-O is fun, but the simple 5 Ne5 may be better. It is clear that 5 Ng1 is not in the spirit of the opening.

Or just play 3.Bc4!?

Actually if you play a gambit you should reckon with and investigate the acceptance first!? ...exf4 followed by ...g5 is a classical approach to refute it.

@Vycm I guess that is an option, but 3. Nf3 is the most common move, I think. And the knight needs to move at some point anyway.

@Sarg0n Sure, and I do expect the acceptance. It's the 4. g4 move that I haven't faced before.

Fischer insisted that 3 Bc4 is correct and 3 Nf3 is not . Also Tartakover's 3 Be2 has its merits.

@tpr Interesting. Sounds like something I need to try.

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