I'm so dumb

I have fallen for this trap (though I didnt get checkmated on f7, I just saced a piece to get out of it).
The best SF move is 4.Kf8 (eww!)
Hikaru Nakamura played 4.g6 against Yu Yangyi but went on to lose because of a different blunder (g6 is fine).
My standard response to this trap is 4.Nd4 and after Qxg7 Qf6. Everything is defended and black is more developed than white. Engine still likes white but I like this position more as black.

No you're not dumb 🧠

Usually these are based on positional advantages.

😑😑😑 king had to move not the knight 😤

I thought it would be a game of 1200s or else but when I saw it of 2000s , 💔.......

that is not called falling for a mate in 6. that is falling for a mate in 1 with a game consisting of 6 moves :)

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