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  3. I'll give two stalemates for the prize of one :-)

Things were not all moonshine and roses in the last two days.
In the first game - yesterday - I was going to comfortably win against a titled player :

And this game here was my first -sleepyhead- game of the day today :

What is going on ???
Should I do jogging and fitness to cope better with some long chess games ?
Or buy a sporty game mouse to speed up my move time speed ?
Maybe travel to India and stay in the mountain with some Zen monks to contemplate about my endgame technique ?

Looking forward to your wise suggestions !

One suggestion is when you have three queens, just make some random checks, alternating queens and not losing material, and the enemy king will be finally mated :) When you check, it cannot be a stalemate.

Maybe stop trolling while playing chess? (game 2)

There was no need for 3 queens in the second game. Give checkmate using one queen, and the possibility of stalemate is much lower.

ach ja...

Lernen durch Schmerzen!


Minor promotions to Rook are good in both games.
Game 1: 63 e1R
Game 2: 56 g1R#

You are losing too many pawns in both games.
Everyone knows that you need at least 6 queens to mate the enemy king with greatest pain.

The second game is with 4 queens indeed a try but stalemating with only one queen is extremely dilettante behaviour.