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  3. I'll give two stalemates for the prize of one :-)

achja #1

Things were not all moonshine and roses in the last two days.
In the first game - yesterday - I was going to comfortably win against a titled player :

And this game here was my first -sleepyhead- game of the day today :

What is going on ???
Should I do jogging and fitness to cope better with some long chess games ?
Or buy a sporty game mouse to speed up my move time speed ?
Maybe travel to India and stay in the mountain with some Zen monks to contemplate about my endgame technique ?

Looking forward to your wise suggestions !

Wolfram_EP #2

One suggestion is when you have three queens, just make some random checks, alternating queens and not losing material, and the enemy king will be finally mated :) When you check, it cannot be a stalemate.

HomelessOnWifi #3

Maybe stop trolling while playing chess? (game 2)

Irishman964 #4

There was no need for 3 queens in the second game. Give checkmate using one queen, and the possibility of stalemate is much lower.

checkmate-master #5

ach ja...

CM Sarg0n #6

Lernen durch Schmerzen!

checkmate-master #7


tpr #8

Minor promotions to Rook are good in both games.
Game 1: 63 e1R
Game 2: 56 g1R#

Mollus #9

You are losing too many pawns in both games.
Everyone knows that you need at least 6 queens to mate the enemy king with greatest pain.

The second game is with 4 queens indeed a try but stalemating with only one queen is extremely dilettante behaviour.