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Thoughts ?

In the first game White missed 9. d4 winning a piece. You blundered an important pawn with 16. ... Nd4 but White didn't see it.

26. ...g6 gave away your advantage and White could play Qh6 threatening a mate, 26. Qh6 Rc1+ (26. ...gxh5?? 27. Rg3+) 27. Kxc1 Qc7+ 28. Kd1 f5

After 29. ...a3 White could have played 30. Nh5+ forcing a draw. 31... Kg8 (...Kh8 32. Qf6+) 32. Nf6+ Kg7 (...Kh8 33. Qh6 Qc1+ 34. Qxc1 Rxc1+ 35. Kxc1 +4) 33. Nh5+ etc

The other game, 18. Nxg6+ would have been better, although the game was won already.