I tried my best in this game, but lost. I NEED HELP!!!

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Good question! Of course, I have an answer to this question as well. The point is that the moves of black pawns differ in the degree of danger and harm they can cause to black positions (pawns do not retreat!). With such moves of black pawns as: d7-d6, e7-e6, a7-a6, black takes control of the squares in the center, from which white pieces can start a sharp attack. These moves do not challenge White's temporary dominance in the center. They seem passive, but they do not irrevocably spoil Black's position. If you want to immediately challenge White's superiority in the center, then it is logical to immediately reply 1. ... e5 to 1.e4.

@absk-kr-singh you opened up the position too early without developing your Queenside pieces .. Plus you first give up the pawn and then when you tried to regain it , in the meantime your opponent developed all of his pieces with a tempo and beat you with the superior position .

I like the pawn from C7 to C5 move that was suggested for move 6 too. It doesn't develop pieces, but if you are going to do the NC6-move, this might prevent the pawn-move when you want to do it and the pawn it attacks is less protected and on the side of your undeveloped pieces, so the following moves might make your pieces develop "naturally". It also changes the focus of "the fight" away from the area close to your king. It's hard to claim space in the centre since the opponent claimed it first with his pawns, but there is alot of space to claim on the queen-side of the board. Hopefully this advance on the queen-side will make your opponent worried and maybe he will reroute some pieces to defend this area, leaving the centre less protected.

You chose a very passive defense. You allowed center control, which halted your development, That just forced to lose a pawn and to lose the bishop pair in order to not get forked.

Chose another opening, or at least a different move order. Dont allow white to get a position that becomes a launchpad for threats everywhere.

Without the bishop pair, you should have gone pxp then into a queen exchange. With the game that open and without a black bishop to challenge, you dont allow the option to form a battery you cant challenge. Without the queen, that battery doesnt exist.

It was a matter of trading lightsquare bishops, moving your pawns to lightsquares and racing your king to the opposite side of the board to have a draw chance. With perfect play from both sides it would probably still be a losing position, but he would have had to earn it. You just gave it to him,

"I was playing the best I could. BUT STILL I LOST!"

This is unprecedented!

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