i played a good game i thinkk give me feedback please.

please tell me if i played well or not, and if i could improve somehow. i got lucky when he blundered the center fork and after that it was easy clean up.

What's there to commentate, your opponent blundered everything. You missed 22. Qxd7 and 31. Re1#

oh ok thanks.

Yes i missed mate mrpushwoodd

I found something to commentate:
First, you played very well with material ahead!
Then we talk about your move 5.d4 with your idea b3. If black plays well he will not have much problems, because you gave him the square e4 and your bishop stares on the pawn d4 (in a modern sight you can do this too). So, I would suggest that you think
about the plan d3-Nbd2-Bb2! The Bishop is much more frightening and perhaps you can play e4 later.

Hope this helped a bit!

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