I played a 3056 IM! And I *was* strategically winning!

Ok ok fine, it's bullet so it nobody cares (and ya ya I know, time on the clock means so much more than material), and he was goofing with his king and obviously not taking this very seriously early on... but still, as a ~1300 player I feel like I have the right to be *somewhat* proud about this. Somewhat. Just a little.

This guy was fast. FAST. Just stupid fast. Terrifyingly fast. How Jerry always used to talk about how Ferrari scares him, that's how this IM's speed disturbed me. I think his strategy vs. lower players must be to simply play solid moves as quickly as possible and wait for the flag.

But I can do kinda fast & kinda solid too! At least when I'm in the zone. (I do tend to do well against 1700-1900s who berserk me.)

So he let me have the center and then he let me contest his kingside attack / run my king to relative safety. But I'm only kinda-sorta-relatively fast... I'm not Mr. 3000 IM fast. I had no time, and he spotted my likely next move just before I played it and I let go of my mouse button an instant before my brain fully registered that he'd just protected that square with his pawn.

Ah well. I don't care he was goofing around, I mean, 43 moves in bullet vs. a 3000 and SF liked me for most of it... I'll take it.

gg IM KAstar.

Bullet: „strategically winning“ lol

There‘s only one strategy: the clock

@Mana-Burn Well, congrats :) It doesn't seem all that impressive because of his goofing and TC being bullet, but I understand where you are coming from. Good on you :)

At some pount u were piece up with an advantage im guessing his rating scared u into a blunder... GG though 💥