I cannot win. Please help, mate!

The problem can be shown with you first move. Your indecisiveness will ruin all.

R + 2 pawns v R
bringing your rook to f7 and keeping your pawns on the 6th rank is correct until you bring your king up. rook on f7 allows you to block checks with your king on g5. Then instead of moving your king over to the other side of the board, you should eventually push h7, play rf7 and kh6, and you can figure it out from there i’m sure. (pawns stay on 6th rank to avoid stalemate tricks involving perpetual check until time is right ie. your rook and king are both in position)

hope this helps!

also Rf7 before Kh6 is important. in the case of pushing h7, getting checked and blocking with your rook on f5. if black proceeds by putting his rook on the 7th rank and then you play Kh6 immediately, supposedly threatening mate with Rf8, he has Rxh7 with either stalemate or a drawn phillidor

Of course I read all the endgame tomes but it‘s kinda hard in Blitz without increment having a parrot named Ding on my shoulder...

Indeed, pushing Harry is correct and a clean win technique. But you have to be careful pushing it to the 7th rank having your rook there. The only thing I could think of was Ding Liren’s Game and I tried frantically to deviate.

Yeah, this ending is weirdly uncommon so it's easy to forget the nuances of stalemate tricks esp in blitz.
that's why the easy thing to remember is keep both pawns on the 6th rank, that way there's no check after pushing h7 and Kh6. Of course Rf7 too before h7.

(or the corresponding squares in Ding Liren's game)

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