I can see why Ponziani trap is so aggressive!

Nice win, but where is the trap? Black simply does not move the N and is lost from there.

Also It's not the Ponziani, but some kind of Alapin (c3 ) sicilian

@EwoudUtrecht Yeah your right! But it is Ponziani if we sacrifice one pawn and move forward another in the hope of attacking the knight plus gain centre control

@achja I meant to start trapping the queen also my bishop was protected by my knight. If he moves queen to a safe square, d7 he was getting checkmated!

@Testrider you will definitely find some inaccuracy and blunders made by the opponent but Ponziani trap leads to the centre control and bishop pair and also one pawn sacrificed leads to the opening of the queen. I said aggressive not best! 😃

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