I beat Stockfish level 8 with black pieces finally

@pointlesswindows yeh true also Stockfish 11 without chess servers also weak Stockfish 8 level elo 2600

my only mistake is 21...g4 ( I know this move but I study 21...fxe5 line
it's not human elo (2600)
I memorize a lot of moves xD
I respect your victory against Stockfish 8 which finished just now. But here is one thing that many did not notice. @paranoyaksabunu played same opening against Stockfish 8 several times due to which one can learn mistakes to be avoided the next time and one becomes thorough with that opening. Play different opening and win on first few at most 3 trials to make believe everyone that you are really great. The principle applies that if you play same opening against Magnus Carslen you are going to win after 400 tries at most. Also winning against a very strong opponent makes one believe that he/she is improving which is fact but one also believes that since he/she has defeated the strong opponent once, he/she can win every time which is false claim which is not believed by everyone. This happened to me 3 years back when I defeated AI Factory's Application Chess level 7 out of 10. I got overconfident. Somehow the data was erased. I had to play from starting. I got to 7th level in only single day after continously playing (I also did my school homework despite of which I went all guns blazing upto level 7).Then it took 73 tries to win against it and it did not play the same moves every time in order not to do a thorough practice of variations which your opponent Stockfish 8 played same moves at that crucial point when evaluation gauge was around - 5. But that level played the different moves. Now I think that everyone is clear with my thoughts. Sorry if you are offended.
Have a nice day, sir! ☺
@paranoyaksabunu #21
You said " I memorize a lot of moves" It is well said "When memorization fails nothing is left to see. But actual game begins when a player creates his/her own moves". Keep practising hard. Soon you would be a recognised GM in no time!! Remember my words!! Was waiting to meet a player just like you!! You made my day.....
Memorizing moves and winning is not truly winning. Just my opinion take it or leave it.
I memorize ideas also example Ne7 Ng6 Nf4
I try some variations

38...Ke5 or a5
is better I think white can't do anything but white give pawn to take h2 and black can mate white with his rook

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