I beat a player that has 1900+ points

I don't get it, I am a 1300-point-player and I mated a 1900-point-player in 7 moves using the Régal trap.

Sometimes higher ranking people under-estimate lower ranking people's abilities leading them focus too on their attack without defense in mind, this leads them to some unpleasant checkmates they looked over. I've learned that all players are dangerous regardless of rank if you make risky plays.

And sometime high rated players ain't high rated players for real. They mod it somehow or they get rating points by playing a friend and they agree to win all the time to get more rating points. They called cheaters. So just play your game and don't be to keen on the number next to there name. Rating is only important if you play otb.

And there are many players that use computer to get the best move in some positions. I been beaten many times and get back rating points many times because they cheat. Its so sad.

Well a player 600 points higher than you should lose to you once in every 32 games or so. It happens. Unrelated I beat a player 900 points higher than me last year. And if you berserk even worse can happen

Its hard to play to low rated players, because they know some traps very wel and they play very strange moves. So you need to concentrate real hard. But it is fun.

Yes, I myself am 1800 OTB but am only 1600 here in blitz. Honestly, I do better against players 300 points higher than me than against players that are my rating or 100 points lower. I don't get why... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Chess is a funny game. Plenty of times I've beaten a higher rated player with a game I was pleased with. Won by outplaying them in a full long satisfying game. Then I play a lower rated player and get my a** handed to me in less than 20 moves.

Also very lower rated players play positionally odd moves that you think "must be wrong," and they probably are. But now you're in a position that you don't normally play because no one at your rating level would ever play such a move. There might be tricks and traps that your lower rated opponent knows because they DO play such positions, a little overconfidence happens, and it's all over. It's a horrible game...