How well can you play, when... You have to pee real bad ?

You actually mustn't leave the game while the clock is running for you, even at slow games, at least in my country.

The quality of discussion on this site truly is irresistibly high.

At least it's still better than the forums.

This post was also submitted for game analysis...Just curious if anyone else plays this line against the French ? I have never liked playing against the French...until I started playing this line. I started playing it just to experiment with it and found out that Reti played it it must have some merit. For me, this is now my go to line against the French. I have noticed one thing...It always seems to give pause to the French players response time to the move. I remember seeing a humorous notion about the best line for the French...White plays 1. P-K4...Black plays...P-K3 - Both players shake hands, and the game is a draw. This line is a French buster. :]

All respect for Reti aside, what is the idea of this system? White can afford to play like that, but it does not challenge the French Defence apart from taking the opponent out of his comforting theoretical knowledge. You opponent's 3...Nc6 blocks his own c-pawn and is not that testing. 3...c5 or 3...Ne7 seem to at least equalise for black.

As a regular French player, I wonder why after 1.e4 e6 2.g3 d5 3.e5 black didn't play 3...c5. It's the usual plan which should work here too. Followed by 4. d4 Nc6 5. Nf3 Be7 threatning f6, fighting for the center.

Each game I've played this, I've gotten different I'm building a game data base ,of studies, that have my blunder free games. I posted a comment on this about 2 months ago..Mr. CMSargon suggested that this opening transposes into an KIA ...That is why I call it a French buster. I was doing the study back then and could find no info on the opening. Sargon also, said that Fischer looked into any rate Try it might like it! If you do or don't...I would welcome your input. :] The only thing French about this 1.e4 e6 I must say that I really liked my play ! :) :] When SF's rating gives me a 3-0-0 and my opponent a 4-0-0 ...Its like getting a pat on the head from the master.

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