How well can you play, when... You have to pee real bad ?

I was playing my Reti- Spielmann attack against the French, and had a nice game going...then the urge hit strong and sudden, about four moves before move 35...ahhhh blunder! Well I crossed my legs and played on with my passed pawns and managed to win. I will say that I like the finish...good endgame technique winning and keeping blacks passed pawn from queening. Note; I did not pee my pants. :]

Go to the loo before you start playing.
Falcons do the same before they take the air to start hunting.

I think my prostrate gland is the size of a tennis ball.. the need to pee comes on suddenly, and with the greatest of urgency. Comes with getting old. What is a loo ? Does it have anything to do with these larches some are talking about...Like go out into the larch forest and pee before playing :]

If you play rapid games, then pause between games and do the necessary prophylacticly.
If you play slow games, then leave your board with your clock running, do the urgent, then return. Resist the temptation to make a hasty move and rush of to the loo (a.k.a. bathroom, although it is not for taking a bath).

Actually its an old training technique to improve rapid play skills...See if you can finish an opponent off... without peeing your pants. Advanced training involves holding a Poo. :]

Once in a 5 day open tournament of 2 h knock out games, a player had about 10 minutes left on his clock, played his move and then rushed to the restroom (not for resting, but for Big Business). His opponent rapidly made his move, so the player returned to his board thought a little, made his move and rushed off again. His opponent quickly moved. The player returned to his board and said: "Now I do not care about anything", remained seated and won his game, while a smell developed around his board...

This is why, they give you some secs before the game ;). Lichess knows everything ;)