how to win from here?

Hi all,
Stockfish indicates -1.2, but how is it possible to win from this position?
It seems that, following Stockfish, only a draw is possible.


I'm not convinced there is a win with best play: black can't ignore white's pawns but also has to defend his own. If the Bishop stops covering the f2 square, white's king gets the most advanced black pawn but how does black prevent queening if he tries to use his king to save them instead?

With an eval like -1.2 when only 8 pieces are left, I'd translate that to: "Black has it easier but it's a draw unless mistakes are made".

Simple fortress. Wrong corner resp. wrong bishop. Easy draw.

thanks for you detailed answer. I misinterpreted the -1.2 eval as "black wins".


Excuse me, but isn't it a draw even if Black had his pawns and Bishop against the lonely King?
Btw Black missed a win with 52... Ke4

Yes, it seems to be a tablebase draw even if white has no pawns.

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