How to get stronger in chess

While clicking through it two moves seemed out of line: 5...Bb4+, not a big deal, but loses a tempo. Forcing White to play c3 doesn't make much sense since this fits nicely into his structure.

14...Bf6 allowing him to ruin your structure, get an eternal knight on e4 and make your black squared bishop a dead piece (more or less) is worse.

Otherwise, solid game.

Seems that you are quite a competent player. I don't think there's a "quick fix" to improve your game. In that particular game you quoted, I didn't like 14...Bf6 after which Black lost dynamic potential. If you analyse your games seriously and study games by strong players (and pay attention to strategic motifs and tactics) you will improve. If you play 1.e4 e5 with Black you might want to look at V. Bologan's repertoire books! Good luck and have fun!

Ty VernonHardapple but I don't think so, my f pawn doesn't let any permanent knight on e4, but it would make me lose some tempo anyway.

I was preoccupied more about liberating my queen from defending the bishop, so I moved it to f6 to see if he didn't care about the tactic I would get a piece.

Thanks, HappyCruncher

The computer is showing me now that I missed a couple of good moves.

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