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  3. How to Draw Stockfish 10 3450+ elo with White at Tournament Time Controls!!

Also, this is an imported game. Play a game against Stockfish on this site and post that game. If you last 40 moves, without being in a totally hopeless position, I'll be impressed.

@jonesmh I played today vs Level 8 2600 elo and game lasted for more 100+ moves

@chessgym2 As stated in your first post, you should be playing on level 10. Level 8 for people on you level should be a snap. makes you feat even less impressive.

@jonesmh where I can play vs level 10?!

I'm pretty much done with this post. It's completely obvious that you are lying and that you cannot face engines (or strong human players) without using an engine yourself. I repeat: nobody is convinced by what you're saying, and you need to play against human opponents for anybody to respect you.

@subconscious thanks for compliment since you are saying that I used engine which is not the case since I never used engine in my life,I played here on site vs Stockfish 2600 elo and nobody detected that I used engine so what I saying is 100% truth so use your consiousness to realise it haha

nobody checks correspondence chess games between a new account and stockfish.
You won't get banned for using an engine in such games.
So tell me: Are you rated 2600? I don't know, you could tell me anything, so let's play a match in blitz chess. 5 games a 3+0?

Guys lets not continue to talk about it,make your own conclusions about that games,from my side I presented the games the way I played them without cheating or anything else,if you have another opinion its your right,I just wanted to show some games against engines and how to play them on top level,enjoy chess and make new discoveries!

@chessgym2 , the reason why nobody believes you is because you do not have a single game against a human player - not 1 rated game. If you did and you beat that person convincingly, then there would be some belief. Say you played 20 Rated Games vs people >1800 and won at least 17, then yes, your rating would be astronomically high and (to some degree) nobody would question you beating level 8 Stockfish (a lot of 2000s here can do it). I am not disagreeing with you in any way, it is just you do not make it easy for anyone to believe you. Importing a game is not trustworthy - play a live game and prove it.

Also, according to your profile, you have played 2 casual games against humans, but in both games you resigned after the first move (so nothing to be gained from that).