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  3. How to Draw Stockfish 10 3450+ elo with White at Tournament Time Controls!!

I played this game with White against Stockfish 10 and could achieve draw,somehow Stockfish couldnt manage to crack my position and thats at 3450+ elo and with Two Bishops vs Bishop+Knight!!

Here's game screenshot as well

Could you draw a game against Magnus Carlsen?

You've made a bunch of posts exactly like this. They aren't impressing anybody. Why don't you actually play games on lichess, and then we'll see if you can do anything without the help of an engine and if your account gets banned.

@shakki-mestari123 well If I could play with him some games and learn his playing style I beleive I could achieve draws couple of times besides I play everyday his App Play Magnus which is estimated to 2900 at higher level and could achieve many draws and one win, @subconscious
yes indeed i've made posts like just with purpose of sharing my experience,on this site as far as I know the highest engine to play is Leela zero which Ive played and achieved many draws,so I have interest playing higher opponents,also bear in mind that Ive never used any engine assistance in my life I only used them after finishing the game


Why don't you play games against real opponents then? Find a match on lichess against a person, rather than an engine, and show us how good you are rather than just telling us how good you are.

@subconscious Couldn't have phrased it better!

Every day I see people claim: "Hey, I drew Stockfish, I am good, am I not?" No, you aren't. Your propability of losing to a 1350 ELO higher rated opponent is:*sqrt(pi))*e%5E((-(t%5E2))%2F(160000)))+from+-infinity+to+1350. As you can see, it is not 1. That means that every couple of hundred games you will score.
Besides: It is pointless to play a game against a machine. What is your motivation? Bragging about it online once you get a draw?
I invite you to play a game in live chess against me. I am a human with a current FIDE ELO of 2202, so you should be able to absolutely destroy me since you match Stockfish 10 in strength, right?