how long ?

When will people learn the rules?

Repetition in 33, 35, 37 checked after 2s. In fact I knew the answer before looking at the game.

PS: it is a draw either way. What are you going to do?

There's no such rule as "three moves repetition". It's triple repetition of a position. Might've learnt the rules in a year you've been here. And in any case it's a perpetual.

Like death and taxes, discussion about whether games should be draws or not are inevitable.

yeah it's draw...but iff i turn off three-position-repeat draw in settings it wouldn't be draw, saw two players repeat position more than 10 times

You can turn it off - but if your opponent hasn't done so there's nothing you can do about.

And if also your opponent has turned it off, he will still get the notification of a threefold repetition and button to click for claiming the draw.

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