How is this position so bad for white?

In this game where I am playing black, my opponent already has a lost position by move 7 (f3??) and stockfish evaluates it at nearly down 2 pawns, but why? Material is equal, the only advantage I have is slightly more development and my strong bishop.

Later on in the game, by move 14 stockfish is saying the position is almost as if white is down a queen (-8.3) but my opponent is down a pawn, is the position that strong for black?

And finally, on move 17, how come long castle isn't considered a blunder (as the bishop will fall)

Any other comments will be helpful, thanks


f3 was bad because now your bishop stops king side castling, and if he castles queenside your open b file is a ready made attack. 0-0-0 wasn’t really a blunder probably because every option was bad (just glancing but it looked like material gains and mate threats).


7... Nh5 looks winning (

14...Re4 looks winning (Bg4 is your main threat)

It’s not a blunder since he couldn’t hold the bishop anyway.

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