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  3. how bad am i ?

You made several severe mistakes. With 18...c5 or 23...Kh7 you could have won a piece. Just 52...Kc2 you could have easily won the endgame.

You should play 52.Kc2. I would play this one.

@tpr @Aks_Oks ty. yeah 52.Kc2 was simply dumb

Sometimes i play much we go again. Now i played vs somebody around 1900 and i was winning..we were 3 secs apart and i lost on time

Yeh he intentionally flagged you there.

You could have won earlier. 14 or 15 or 16 Be4 wins a piece just like 19 Nxd4. You play the opening way too fast. After your 14 b4? you had only spent 14 seconds. That would be appropriate for 1 minute bullet chess, but you were playing 3+0 blitz. My advice to you: play a slower time control, preferably with increment and take your time in the opening to find the good moves.

If you were my chess student, I would not want to see just one game, but 50 to 100 games, preferably slow time control games, on the Internet and/or OTB.
Having said that, your play, despite some mistakes, makes a fairly good first impression.
Why not play some correspondence chess and more classical games ? Blitz and especially bullet is usually not a great indication for chess strength.
Especially corr. chess can be great to work on your openings and other chess skills since you can think about one move for days if you want to.
Compare your graphs and ratings with mine, and you can see that I am still making some effort to play slower time control, with a rather stable rating, while my blitz rating goes up and down 200 points.
Though I must admit to still play quite some blitz for fun :)

thanks at all for your nice feedback.

And you are all right. I am going to play in the near future longer games, but atm i am playing around with 1min games. I am trying out some wierd openings, actually. Moves, that are not used to play.


So long as you're having fun, that's what matters :)

Also, thank you for sharing that game. I was basically on the edge of my seat starting at move 25. The ending completely surprised me.

@TatsumakiRonyk funny comment :D

Nxt thing oO how was i able to win vs somebody who is around 2100 :xDDD