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  3. Horde Rules ??

In Horde variant , If white capture all but one black pawn and if it is black to move , but if black cannot move that pawn because it is blocked , then is it considered as draw (similar to stale mate in normal chess ? ) or ?

In above game , stock fish evaluation position to zero .
Black would be unable to capture pawn at a5 at the end.

If you stalemate either side in horde it's a draw regardless of material on the board.

But stalemate of king & blocked pawns are two different things ?

Stalemate happens when your opponent has no remaining legal moves. That he has a king with no squares to go, or no king at all, doesn't matter.

It's not "stalemate of king". In classical, if a king can't move but his other pieces can, it's not stalemate.

So yes, you can stalemate white pawns, and then the game is a draw.