From Challenging to Challenging - It's Other Times

As everyone already knows, today began the first round of GRENKE CLASSIC CHESS 2019. But as I pointed out in an earlier post, the focus of this tournament is absurd as it is IM Vincent Keymer, who caught nothing else less than Magnus Carlsen in the first round. Why is this kid so special in this tournament?

It is for the simple fact that he remembers what the past wrote: Magnus Carlsen vs. Garry Kasparov, when Magnus was also IM and was also challenging a TOP WORLD.

This was a historic match, official profile of the tournament highlighted this first meeting on the board:

But unlike Magnus Carlsen who got a draw against Kasparov, Vincent Keymer failed to do this feat, losing to the current world champion. But Vincent was a warrior!

After a technical tie in half game, Magnus managed to lead to a brilliant final. Follow today's match between Vincent Keymer (White) and Magnus Carlsen (Black):

A typical Carlsen endgame win.

Vincent could have won this match, but he didn´ t play the "correct" moves.
30. h4 -> h5 -> h6 -> g6 would have been a good plan.

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