Fritz made blunder at move 9.
I use Stockfish 10 Engine can't play unclear positions (Polerio defense Blackburne varition, French defense Tarrasch varition Korchnoi attack , Caro-kann breyer varition, King Indian defense , King Indian attack d4,e4 etc. openings interesting varitions )
ıf you want beat Fritz ( no help)
I play Caro-kann to reach unclear positions (rarely Fritz made mistake but can't understand your move )

Fritz 16 is rated 3193, which is about 350 points higher than the World Champion and world number 1 Magnus Carlsen, and it's 311 points higher than the highest rating any human has achieved in history (2882, Carlsen).

@JARANDujo I using Deep Fritz 15
Level Grandmaster
3161 elo
C58 Italian Game: Two Knights Defense, Blackburne Variation Chess engines can't understand cxb5!!

@JARANDujo true
Fritz Grandmaster level Deep Fritz 15 2800 elo rated ( very strong ) ( Chessbase rating )
edit Fritz play bad move at move 10. not 9.

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