FM Simul

Played a simul with FM @renanreis

Could have used more time I was down to 1m for the last 10 moves and premoved blunders. Got a winning position in the game though.

I recommend making tc slightly longer 20m+5 or 20+3.

Game analysis:

Just interesting (once again), why there is no computer analysis available in the most studies I have seen including yours? Did you switch it off?

Strange. I always enable it for everyone. It says its enabled not sure why its not working for you. The opening book is also enabled.

Strange... I see an opening book, but there is no evaluation after each move and computer proposed lines after mistakes. And I do not see an option how to enable it. Where should it be?

Thank you for answer, but that is not exactly what I need. I do not want to evaluate each single move. I want to see the whole computer analysis, like here:

Perharps, the impossibility to obtain this analysis directly from the "Study" window is the main reason, why I still do not understand this new feature on Lichess. Human comments are good, but sometimes brutal calculations are more important. Giving first and hiding second you make me feel that something is missed and the whole picture is incomplete. This is, of course, question to Lichess mods, not personally to you, noob2chess.

Ahh I do understand what you mean. I can take the annotated game PGN and import it into the study with all the variations. Its just that some variations are not human and the engine does not account for all things in every position. Quite a few positions I get in the closed ruy and that I look at from GM games in the closed ruy and many other openings/middlegames. I know even in some openings the computer analysis says the BOOK/THEORY move by GM's is an inaccuracy. Personally I only use the engine analysis for blunders and mistakes since they are less likely to be wrong. But the inaccuracy feature is often too touchy or inhuman. Even at the GM level.

Well played game.... and great analysis... Many errors by me... But you played well in opening until the endgame. I was lucky

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