Why didn't you resign? When you answer that, you will have the answer to your own question too.

@Grubby_Pawn Why would he resign if checkmate was 1 move away? It's like his opponent wanted to humiliate him on purpose.

Fortunately I have seen this kind of unsportsmanlike behavior only once in 10k games. Far more common is people leaving games when they are losing. But that does not bother me nearly as much, since clearly they are just angry about losing.

@asdf5656 The game was lost a long time before there was a mate in one. The resign button should have been tapped a long time ago. Lots of my opponents resign one move before mate and I do so myself quite often too. I resign when mate is one move away because it is better to resign than be mated.

In this case, it seems to me that both players were just trying to outdick each other. The loser won.

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