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I invite you to leave some comments about this exemplary game:

Nikita Vitiugov vs Simen Agdestein, Berlin (World Rapid Championship 2015).

Me gustó bastante la forma en que jugaron las negras...

I usually play 8...Nbd7 toying with the idea of pushing the e-pawn, which is a thematic procedure in the Dutch Defense. On the other hand I liked how the knight and the bishop beat the bishop pair.

The exchange on d5 doesn't seem to be good. 11.Nc3 and 11.Nd2 make more sense to me.

haha my is nikita haha LOL

what win

Well played by Agdestein! This is another game in which the knight and the bishop beat the bishop pair:

@Nick20 #4
I agree with you. After some research I came to the conclusion that the following game shows a reversed opening:

@Nick20 #4
@Zane2007 #8
I also agree that the exchange on d5 is not the best option. Knight development is better. Look at this game:

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