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I invite you to leave some comments about this exemplary game:

Joshua Ruiz vs Renato Terry, Bogota (ITT 76, Final).

@Professor74 Система Чигорина во Французской партии. (Разработана Чигориным к матчу с Таррашем.) Получается Сицилианская защита (Закрытый вариант) с ходом Фd1-e2. Ход этот не всегда оказывается полезен. Белые перевеса не получают.
Good week for you!

P.S. А может не Сицилианская защита, а, точнее, "перекрашенная" Староиндийская защита. Сути это не меняет.

What a pair of connected passed pawns! But, is it necessary to change the knights on d4?

36. d3!! is simply brilliant:

Taking with either queen or rook leads to mate in 3, ie.
37. Rg4+ Kf1 (interposing is mate in one after Qxg2#)
38. Qh1+ Ke2
39. Qf3#)

If queen moves off the second rank,
37. Rg4+ any move and either
38. Qh1# or Qxg2#, depending on if white blocked the check.

If queen moves on the second rank, then
37. exd2 and white is up at least a rook.

Sorry but your analysis @doom12384 is incorrect. Qf3 isn't mate, it's just a completely free queen.

After Qxd3, we have Rg4+ Kf1, Qf3+ Rf2, Qxf2#. After Rxd3, we have Rg4+ Kf1, Qf3+ Qf2, Qxf2#.

The queen can move off the second rank with Qd1 (ready to sacrifice if Rg4+), but then we have e2!! opening up the diagonal towards white's king, and the bishop will come to d4 in many lines. It's a forced mate in 4.

I agree that Queen anywhere on the 2nd rank leads to exd2. This is good because you're up a rook, but more importantly, you also have Bd4+ coming in pretty much every variation, so it's another forced mate (in 5 according to SF).

You're correct, my bad. I had been considering the line with Rf8+, and must have confused them. My apologies.
I feel like Bareev must have felt after this game; likely calculating the correct line, and then missing a critical move.

@ujcn #2
Конечно, линия с 2.Qe2 является вторичной. Идея, как правило, противодействовать подготовке соперника.

@RG2007 #4
I don't think it is. Precisely, the exchange on d4 unleashed the creation of the passed pawns.

@doom12384 @NoseKnowsAll
36 ... d3! is actually a dream final blow. Thank you guys for the variations. Don't be too hard on yourself doom12384. Everybody slips. Anyway, the reference to that Bareev's game is funny.