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I haven't had an endgame adventure like this in about 15 years...

Somewhere around here I realized that maybe I could draw this if my opponent allows my king in front of the pawns:

Dangit, I forgot 80... Kb5 is a draw in ECE :-(

77 Qf6? throws away the win achievable with the simple 77 Kxg4.
81 Qf5+? throws away the new opportunity to win with either 81 Qe5 or 81 Kg5.

Indeed, either knowing or calculating those common positions is important for Q+P versus Q. Once the pawn advances it's often impossible to stop. Occasionally there are perpetual check draws if Black's king is on the queenside (near b6) and not prone to being forked.

Qe2 on move 75 and black resigns.

Indeed... from move 53 (in extreme time-pressure) I almost resigned because it's near-impossible for Black to avoid forks such as 75. Qe7+ or even 66. Qe4+.